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HVAC | The Smart Oil Gauge.. Is it Worth it?

Updated: Apr 4

HVAC | In the era of smart technology, we partner with the new groundbreaking invention known to the oil industry.  The Smart Oil Gauge is a gamechanger in the world of oil tank monitoring. This revolutionary device offers  homeowners and businesses a reliable and efficient way to monitor their oil levels, providing invaluable  insights and peace of mind. Let us dive into the features, benefits, and significance of the  Smart Oil Gauge.

Smart Oil Gauge


The Smart Oil Gauge is a device designed to monitor oil levels in tanks accurately and remotely. It utilizes  advanced technology to provide real-time data on oil levels, consumption patterns, and tank conditions.  Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and a user-friendly interface, this device offers seamless integration with  smartphones and other smart devices, allowing users to access critical information anytime, anywhere. This  is great for landlord as well to keep an eye on your tenant’s oil tanks. We all know running out of oil can  become very costly and can have damaging effects on your heating system, potentially leading to repairs or  replacements. The Smart Gauge is a way to avoid emergency deliveries and optimize oil usage, users can  reduce fuel costs and minimize the risk of expensive repairs associated with runouts or equipment failures.  We at 5 Star know everyone is busy, with the Smart Gauge you will have constant access to real-time data  and alerts, users can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their oil supply is under control, even when they're  away from home or the office. It's a win for everyone involved if you ask us! Interested in seeing if you are able to utilize the Smart Oil Gauge? Book a Free Consultation today.



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